You lead with passion and purpose.
Now take your impact to the next 10X level.

A unique program for social and sustainability focused startups

Unleash what is possible for your vision

10X Impact Accelerator is where personal & professional growth meet & make a beautiful, sustainable baby. The impactful beginnings of your startup will form an epic next chapter of sustainable growth. By focusing on team leadership and organizational development, you will build a rock solid foundation for your startup, so that your cause will thrive.

From Vision To Reality

You will learn how to turn the vision you have for the impact of your startup into a tangible reality. This is your starter-step for healthy, sustainable growth.

Self Sustainability

Mental health & wellbeing don’t stop with your offer and your startup’s operations. Excelling in changing the world for the better needs you and your team to become and stay both physically and mentally healthy and thereby sustainable.

High-Performance as a Team Sport

You will unleash the power of your startup by creating a culture of 100% responsibility and candor, creating a rich soil for healthy growth.

Built-In Circularity

We support you in actually making your business and impact model circular and contribute to being part of the solution instead of watching from the side-line.

Pulling the Room

You will learn how to mobilize people to join you in your efforts – especially when the headwinds are strong.

Clarity in Leadership

You will discover what you are truly taking a stand for and why people will follow you. This provides clarity in two often overlooked areas: what you are not standing for and what you will have to give up.

Powerfully achieve your commitment to impact the world for the better.

10X Your Impact is a 12-month Accelerator

The Core of it all: Its Principles

But wait! Aren’t there many accelerator programs for startups out there?

Yup! A ton, actually.

So why bother checking this one out?

Because – believe it or not – this one is different. Promise!

What you will get in this accelerator is a strong focus on developing your inner skills. We believe that there is more to growing your impact and reach than just learning about systems and techniques. Instead, we combine the inner work and the outer skills so that you can fulfill your vision in a healthy, professional and sustainable way.

You, your team and your startup will transform within these 12 months. Hence, be ready for the growth in the years to come.

The Timeline

12 months of transformation

Kick Off

Opening Event

During the opening weekend from Sept. 2 to 4, you will create your 10X Impact goals. This includes your game plan and structures for fulfillment that help you to reach the finish line.

Group Coaching Circles

In our regular group coaching, we focus on interpersonal and team dynamics, conflict resolution, and effective communication – even in periods of high intensity.

Thematic Workshops

  • Declaring Breakdowns
  • Organizational Communication Structures
  • Customer Story Boarding
  • Circularity

6 months in: We reached the halfway point.

Mid-Point Check-in and Deep Dive

During this mid-point event, half year into the accelerator program, we will go into the details of your successes and failures over the last 6 months and powerfully declare which impact you will create within 3-5 years.

Continuous Coaching Throughout the Year

In our weekly 1:1 coaching sessions and regular group coaching, we help you troubleshoot, gain clarity, and make progress on the impact goals you created and declared.

Thematic Workshops

  • System Innovation
  • Sustainability World and Certification
  • Developmental Culture

12 Month of impact: We did it!

Closing Event

Time to celebrate and make a conscious transition into your 10X alumni period. We’ll can stay with you, we can still help you. Here we’ll figure out how you still want to be involved moving forward. We stick to our promise of helping you 10X your impact in 3-5 years.

An application to you

Typically, it’s the startups who have to apply for accelerator programs. And … that is true for this one as well … but!
Let’s level the playing field here. We will now apply to you. Start with the essential question:


Why do we care?

Christopher Hauff

Business Coach, Coach

„I see that the world will not last as it is now, we are using resources in ways that will have the earth unable to support all the living being that are on it including ourselves and as such we have a duty to make this world sustainable for all.“


What do you truly want? How good are you willing to have it? These are the questions behind much of Christopher’s coaching, causing teams around him to realize the visions that actually dream of them rather than just the ones they let themselves strive for.

Coach for sustainability & social impact organizations that specializes in teams and communication.

Studied entrepreneurship & innovation at drexel university in Philadelphia Pa.

Christopher has years of experience in social entrepreneurship as having been part of several different sustainability & social impact startups as founding members, founder, CEO, project manager, coder, and more while also having years of experience and training as a coach specialized in teams and communication.

Eva Gruber

Habit Coach, Mental Fitness Trainer, Speaker

„It’s about time to coach passionate ventures into growth, instead of seeing change-makers burn and feel as a failure too many times! Coaching makes sure we can support each of you in your true needs and in an emotional safe space.“  


Eva Gruber is a Habit Coach, Mental Fitness Expert and Trainer, Speaker, and International Best-Seller Author. She supports entrepreneurs, managers, and teams who “have too much on their plate” to improve their wellbeing, relationships, and peak-performance. How? Through unmasking their mental self-sabotage and establishing good habits.

As only 1 out of 5 people use their (mental) potential, and 6+ hours of your day are based on often times unconscious habits, this is a game-changer! By training 3 brain muscles and good habits, you establish your mental fitness (positive intelligence) and supportive behavior. Doing so, you feel happier and better in your body. You live healthier relationships with your team, clients, and family. You improve peak-performance especially when e.g. feeling stressed, angry, or insecure.

Eva Gruber founded 2 ventures, and supported hundreds of challenged people. She is trained by and collaborates with leading researchers and experts, like Professor BJ Fogg PhD (Stanford University) or neuroscientist Shirzad Chamine (Positive Intelligence). She has been featured as a speaker at events like TEDx and podcasts, as an author, and an executive contributor for the Brainz magazine. She lives in Vienna/Austria with her French fiance, her yoga mat, and an adventurer’s mind. Connect on LinkedIn

Brian Hoffmann, MBA

Collaborative Leadership Trainer, Board Advisor

„As CEOs we hire employees and managers, and then all of a sudden human beings, real people with real lives, show up to work. It’s time we stop treating our people like assets of our businesses and accept that our people ARE our business.“


Brian Hoffmann is passionate about helping people live the lives that they deserve.  As a trusted advisor to key executives and a fractional COO for late-stage startups, Brian is privileged to mentor and support amazing leaders creating powerful teams.  Brian is also Executive Director at Excelerator Global, a NYC-Based, NGO bringing systemic and sustainable change to all areas of human rights in Latin America by fostering and empowering community centered, youth leadership.

Previously he worked as an Operating Partner with a leading private equity group and served as President and Chief Executive Officer at CPV Manufacturing where he transformed a 3rd generation family owned and operated, niche business into a growing, commercial enterprise with operations and customers throughout the United States and Asia.  

A native of Los Angeles, California in the USA, Brian now lives with his wife and son in Eggenburg, Austria. He has a BSc in Applied Mathematics from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and an MBA in Finance and Accounting from New York University.

Bernhard Reingruber

Leadership Trainer, Systemic Coach, Certified Radical Honesty Trainer

“It’s high time for all of us to realize that self-knowledge, inner work and personal development are no longer nice-to-have feel-good blah blah ideas that people do after finishing their “real work”, but THE KEY for actual change, in effectiveness and sustainability.”


Bernhard’s mission is to to help create a world in which self-knowledge, “inner” work and personal development are no longer seen and heard of as nice-to-have feel-good blah blah ideas that people do after finishing their “real work”, but as THE KEY for actual change on a personal, organizational and societal level and as an investment in effectiveness and sustainability.

Bernhard is a Leadership Trainer & Coach and Certified Radical Honesty Trainer. After his Master’s in Strategy and Innovation Management where he lived worked, and co-founded a social startup in India, he joined Teach For Austria’s Leadership program, first as a Fellow and then as a Trainer, Coach, and Team Lead and eventually as the organization’s Regional Director.

Over the years of his practice as a Radical Honesty Trainer and psychological counselor, he found that people judge themselves frequently as being quite honest, yet most of them also play pretend games like there’s no tomorrow and risk their business’, their team’s, and their personal success and wellbeing in the course. Above that, being in actual direct contact with one another has become very rare in leaders’ busy everyday lives, while at the same time it is the antidote to unsustainable and wasteful decision-making. The more honest people become, the less harm they tend to inflict on others, themselves, and the planet.

Bernhard immersed himself in Conscious & Adaptive Leadership, mindfulness practices and purpose-driven management In order to pull all of his passions into a joint framework, he started Honestlead ( and now offers workshops and programs for open-minded (future) changemakers.

More on LinkedIn:

The best part about all of this is working with you.

What clients say about us



Who is 10x Impact Accelerator?

As your social venture or organization is up and running for a while, it might appear to you that it’s about time to grow your impact to support sustainable social change. Our planet and society can’t wait another 10 years to make the turnaround happen, right? Within the 10X Impact team we share and live this vision of a sustainable economy and social change. That’s why we – 4 social entrepreneurs and/or coaches – join forces with change-makers and startups who wish to grow beyond what seemed possible in its beginnings. How? Within the “10X Impact Accelerator” we support decision-makers from social ventures or organizations to go from overwhelm and restlessness in times of growth to clarity and power. Why? In order to grow 10X your impact, create healthy, effective leadership and teams, and invest into one’s diminished personal wellbeing in times of growth. How? By coaching 10X Impact participants specifically in organizational development, team-leadership and personal wellbeing skills needed at growth-stage within the 12-month “10X Impact Accelerator”.

What does “impact” mean to us?

As social change-makers ourselves, we started and grew our ventures to enable social change in our economy and society, as well as a healthier environment. We built or supported ventures from e.g. playful education to smart money use, package-free retail to green energy. Did we start our ventures for profit only? No! Did we grow our ventures to scale our impact? Yes! Impact stands for any positive but sustainable change for the wellbeing, health, relationships or performance of our target audience or market. To do so, we are using sustainable resources with care, making sure we create lasting, proven change in a dedicated, skilled team of change-makers.

What are your benefits as a participant?

As a participant you go on a journey from feeling overwhelmed and restless in times of growth to experiencing clarity and power in the end. As a decision-maker of your venture/organization, you build your skills muscles – as you would grow your physical muscles – to become knowledgeable and mentally fit to face and master your challenges during growth. At 10X Impact Accelerator we focus on increasing your capacity to leverage transformational change – by taking a stand for what truly matters for you and your venture/organization. Doing so, your personal development meets the needed organizational development and intended social change. How? With the help of individual coaching and group coaching, workshops and retreats with peer-participants, you grow your skills in organizational development, team-leadership and personal wellbeing. During the 12-month “10X Impact Accelerator”, 4 expert-coaches guide you step-by-step and week-by-week, creating your safe space to grow your impact 10X.

What is a participant's ideal profile?

Participants are decision-makers in a social or circular/sustainable/environmental venture or organization that is in its growth stage. 

  • They need to be truly motivated to join the accelerator. But please don’t only count on your motivation and willpower, as that would set you up to fail and drop out of the accelerator shortly! Instead focus on your determination to personally grow  and enable your venture’s/organization’s growth, crafting the necessary changes on the way. 
  • They need to be able to join the accelerator in regards to time, energy, and other capacities like focus. 
  • They need to not only make the time to join the coachings and group-events, but also create time to reflect on, test or implement their learnings on a day-to-day basis. 
  • They also need to be eager to represent their teams and challenges, and commit to bring back and integrate learnings within their venture or organization. 
  • Consequently, our ideal participants are skilled in enrolling others in change efforts and/or have the intention to learn how to do so. 
  • Participants also need to be able to join 3 in-person events happening in Vienna/Austria.

If you are doubtful about meeting this profile, email to

Which selection criteria do we apply?

We welcome any participants that fit the “participant’s ideal profile”. Please see the respective Q&A above. If you are doubtful about meeting this profile, email to

Are competitors also taking part in this accelerator?

Firstly, we are committed to open and honest conversations during the 10X Impact Accelerator. Why? All participants agree to keep confidential anything shared by the other participants during the accelerator. Secondly, a social economy needs collaboration to grow in a wise, innovative and healthy way. When it comes to your competition, the growth you envision and wish to put into action might not be the growth your competitors aim for. Moreover, our experience within the social impact sector as founders and entrepreneurs ourselves proves that classic business cultures are less applied within social ventures or organizations. Why? We strive to nourish the mentioned open mind, learn from peers and role-models, hence also from our competitors. Maybe there is even potential to collaborate as recommended, growing a shared impact more than 10X times! Saying that, we at 10X Impact Accelerator aim to host and support all decision-makers that feel called by our offer to grow their social impact. If you feel uncomfortable due to your specific business or impact model, email your concerns to

Who can apply?

Anyone fitting the “participant’s ideal profile” (see the respective Q&A above) and who is able to pay or get sponsored the participant’s fee. If you are doubtful about meeting this profile, email to

How can you apply?

You can apply online for the “10X Impact Accelerator” by filling out this form.

Until when can you apply?

Applications are accepted any time! Our next accelerator starts in fall 2023. Before that, we offer you two opportunities of a 6-weeks-sprint experience in spring/summer 2023. If you feel interested in that, reach out to

Do I agree to anything else if I apply?

By applying for the „10X Impact Accelerator“ you agree to promptly pay an application fee. This fee works like a deposit and aims to underline your decision and commitment to participate in the 12-month accelerator. By applying, you also agree to pay the invoiced remaining ticket fees choosing from 3 payment models. Lastly, you agree that your participation in this accelerator will be published with your self-written testimonial.

How is the program flow?

Discover the accelerator flow here.

COVID-19: Is the program in person, online or a hybrid?

The accelerator is a mix of in person and online learning experiences, hence a hybrid format. If COVID-19 regulations allow it, major group-events will be hosted in Vienna in person. Still, the majority of the events – especially the individual coaching sessions – will be hosted online to honor your time and energy capacities in times of growth.

When does the program happen? (time period)

The “10X Impact Accelerator” starts in fall/Novmeber 2023 again. The accelerator is designed for 12 month, and ends in October 2024. The specific dates for group-events will be announced asap, latest after your sign-up. Individual coaching sessions will be arranged with your coaches individually and on a bi-weekly basis. 

What are you signing up for?

In order to learn about “what you are signing up for”, read these Q&As:

  • Who is 10X Impact Accelerator? 
  • What are your benefits as a participant?
  • What is a participant’s ideal profile?
  • Do I agree to anything else if I apply?
  • How is the accelerator flow?

How much does the 10x Impact Accelerator cost?

Next to the application fee, each participant has to pay a ticket fee. The details about ticket fees as well as getting your ticket fee sponsored (if needed) will be explained to you in person. Simply reach out to to get your questions answered!

Are there scholarship/funding options to sponsor a ticket?

We are on a constant search for financial partners offering subsidies to social change-makers, ventures or organizations. However, we can’t guarantee you any funding! If you are interested in a reduced or a completely sponsored ticket, email to We also encourage prospective participants to secure their needed funding within their own financial support network! You are the expert when it comes to talking to your investors and financial supporters. We are here for you to provide you with materials in order to pitch the 10X Impact Accelerator. We might even join you in a decisive meeting. Simply email to if you need our support.


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